Manly Scented Candles

Manly Scented Candles offers the most exquisite candle line in the world. We offer the most scientifically engineered seductive scents coupled with our custom glass shot glasses to impress anyone that comes over to your home. Indulge in your sense of smell when you light this aromatic candle in your home, office, or bathroom.

Our candle is made up of our very own proprietary blend with months and months of testing. We are always testing and experimenting to make our signature scent even better. With our expert level experimenting and testing we have derived the most exquisite notes of tobacco, vanilla cigar, and bourbon whiskey. When you sniff this manly scented candle you will be blown away by the nostalgic sense of mystery and seduction this gives off. When you light this candle up, you will give any room you choose a new sense of elegance, excellence, and poise.

This manly scented candle has been known to make women take off their clothes and jump on you the moment they smell this. This power is not to be misused and mishandled for the dark arts.